O&M Market Scenario

The market of solar O&M contractors is currently highly fragmented, characterized by a
number of players having started O&M on the plants they built as EPC contractors as a pure opportunity, while lacking a proper and professional organization and infrastructure to adequately perform O&M services


  • Most of the O&M providers are lacking a dedicated and professional organization and infrastructure to properly perform O&M services
  • O&M contracts were erroneously seen by the EPC contractors as a cash-cow business where, by simply dedicating some junior resources for the on-site tasks, they can enjoy a long term attractive earnings and cash flow
  • Once into operations (normally already during the initial 6-12 months of operations) there has been significant evidence of the inadequacy of many subcontractors that entered into the O&M field in an opportunistic manner and whose organization is definitely lacking the required organization and infrastructure and technical/managerial specialist skills
  • A growing number of subcontractors and current O&M contractors are experiencing significant financial stress putting at risk their long term survival

Like it has happened in other maturing sectors, a limited number of specialized Third Party Maintainers (TPM – independent from the EPC contractors and manufacturers) will consolidate the PV O&M market by┬áleveraging on their ability to provide high quality and cost effective services