Understanding of Customer Needs

Approach with customer

Consolidated Technical Knowledge and Experience

  • Knowledge of market best practice data and track records and benchmarking references available from the large portfolio of operational PV plants under management
  • Access to advanced technical analysis from inverters manufacturers and from the PV Plant network, including field testing of innovative tools and components designed to improve overall PV plant performances
  • Analysis and implementation experience of systems and services for PV plant security and performance monitoring

Relationship Network

  • On-going relationship with the leading lenders to the PV sectors and understanding of their requirements versus the O&M contract and contractor
  • On-going relationship with leading insurers to support to negotiation of revised insurance premiums following the adoption of improved security or minimized business disruption solutions

Operational Excellence

Ready to work

Central Control Room

  • Dedicated centre located near Milan and operating on a 365 days, 7/7, 24h
  • 5 skilled resources in PV monitoring using various market tools and capability to design and implement state-of-the-art monitoring systems
  • Specialized and dedicated IT platform for O&M process management

Extensive Local Presence

  • 15 local centres across Italy and availability of 60 HC O&M trained workforce with prompt intervention capabilities
  • 416 MW of PV plants activated, 5.581 requests handled and 4.977 on-site interventions performed in 2014
  • Centrally coordinated management of spare parts stock with sophisticated internal repair lab and 15 local warehouses

Relationship with Leading Technology Manufacturers

  • 3 Technical support staff and on-going relationship (technical escalation, training, spare parts) with the prominent technology manufacturers
  • Certified warranty service for major PV inverter manufacturers
  • ISO 9001 certified processes and organisation

Independence and Flexibility

Customized service

Culture of Service and Maintenance

  • Scope of the services and guaranteed performances are adapted to the specific requirements of each client
  • Tailor-made service, with the ability to develop innovative new service components or tools to promptly address the restoration of full performance of a PV plant following a disruptive intrusion


  • As opposed to when the plant costructor itself is performing the O&M activities, TOPS will always act in the best interest of the plant owner

Alignment of Interest

  • Willingness to share with the owner risks and rewards from the performance of the entrusted PV plants