Advanced Service Delivery Model

TOPS Energy has implemented a state-of-the-art technical service organization, organized around a central and a local layers, both supported by a specialized IT platform

Key Service Organization concepts have been derived from maintenance best practices in the Solar PV and in other industries, such as ICT (Information & Communication Technologies), where Third Party Maintenance has been practiced since 30 years

Processes and organization for O&M services to PV plants have obtained ISO 9001 certification

Centralized Process Control (365 days/year)


Control Room

  • PV plants monitoring
  • Remote restart and assistance
  • On-site intervention request

Activity Planning

  • On-site Engineer activity schedule
  • Spare parts availability and ordering
  • Contract SLA Management

Central Technical Support

  • 2° and 3° level escalation
  • Spare logistics and repair

Field Organization


  • 15 Local Branches
  • 60 Maintenance Engineers
  • 300 Technical Specialists available on request
  • Local Spare Parts Warehouses

O&M IT Systems

PV plants monitoring is performed with the equipment installed on the plant or market standard tools

O&M service Mgmt

  • Ticketing Management
  • Activity Planning and Tracking
  • Spare Parts and Repair Logistics

Contract and Administration Management

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