O&M Services Offer*

Service frequency
1 Taking over of the PV plant
2   a. Front Office and Technical Support daily
  b. Reporting monthly
3 Data Acquisition and Monitoring daily
4 Functional check on field monthly
5 Scheduled Maintenance half-yearly
6 Corrective Maintenace as required
7   a. Spare Parts Logistics ongoing
  b. Provision and Repair of Spare Parts daily
8 Surveillance and site security daily
9   a. Green Area maintenance as required
  b. Modules Cleaning as required

*Customizable range of services

TOPS Energy has the required skill set and organization to address all the requirements of a PV plant during its whole life-cycle

The service offering is modular and tailored to the specific requirements of each customer and of each plant. Scope-of-work and frequencies of O&M activities are highly dependent upon site-specific features, environment and equipment durability characteristics, and upon a cost-benefit trade-off analysis

Subject to the technical assessment of the plant construction and component quality and of past performances, the contract can also include guaranteed performances:

  • Guaranteed Reaction Time
  • Guaranteed Plant Availability
  • Guaranteed Performance Ratio

The contract is based on a predefined annual fee, which includes all the preventive maintenance activities and the corrective maintenance related to technical failures of the plant. In case of PR warranty, a reward bonus is earned in case of performances exceeding the guaranteed target

TOPS Energy also provides full assistance in case of any extraordinary events