Proposed Services

(PV plants < 100Kw)
Monitoring and alarm mgmt
Possible if plant is equipped vith monitoring system Included Included
Preventive maintenance
Preferential tariff Included Included
Corrective maintenance *
– Right to Call
– Labour
* Customer pays spare
parts cost
Preferential tariff Preferential tariff Included
Plant check-up Preferential tariff Preferential tariff Included
Module cleaning Optional Optional Optional
Administrative mgmt
Optional Optional Optional

O&M service offerings are available at a predetermined annual fee:

  • fixed for FLEX (up to 100kWp)
  • depending on the plant power for SMART and RELAX

Small-medium PV plants have specific service requirements and need to be approached with a standardized set of services, capable of addressing both the technical and administrative needs of a PV plant, while preserving a light and flexible cost structure

Based on our superior organization and experience, TOPS Energy offers a custom service, flexible and specially adapted to the PV plant owner requirement, able to satisfy each different need

  • Remote plant monitoring 365 days/year
  • Preventive planned maintenance to ensure long term full efficiency
  • Corrective maintenance to promptly restore optimal working conditions and production in case of malfunctioning
  • Plant improvements and retrofits to anticipate future problems
  • Spare parts and repair management to minimize plant stops
  • Solar module cleaning on request
  • Administrative and bureaucratic duties vis a vis (GSE, UTF, etc…)

TOPS Energy enjoys a wide network of relationship with many manufacturers of key solar plant components (i.e., inverters),
giving the customer the opportunity to subscribe to product warranty extensions at preferential terms **

**not available for all manufacturers